The app

Supports Android and ios

Fireworks at your fingertips

Easy to use, the IGNITE app gives you full control of your fireworks show.

Main Menu

Modules, FIreworks, Free-shoort and shows

The IGNITE main menu provides access to the four app sections including modules, fireworks, Free-Shoot, and shows, explained below.


Modules, FIreworks, Free-shoort and shows
PAIR UP TO SIX MODULESThe modules section allows you to pair up to six IGNITE i18 firing modules for a maximum of 108 cues. You can also view battery life, which cues have igniters connected, and module color.


Create and manage your own personal fireworks database. You can scan firework barcodes, create your own, or navigate our evolving integrated product catalogs. The app is also synchronized with our online IGNITE Show Designer software by keeping all fireworks updated between systems.


Video game controller for fireworks

Using free-shoot, your phone becomes a video game controller for shooting fireworks. Choose a module, press buttons, and light up the sky.

Light up your next display with our

Smartphone enabled firing system